I am a Southern California native currently working and residing in Pasadena, California. I hold a BFA in Art and Design from Cal Poly SLO, where I received illustrative and fine arts training in both digital and traditional media. I have also furthered my design and illustration skills at Gnomon, Society of Illustrators, and Brainstorm School.


My current weapons of choice are a Wacom Cintiq, Adobe Photoshop, and a sketchbook of possibilities. I have a penchant for dwarves, knights, monks, and all other folk who find their home in the world of fantasy and science fiction.


I'm currently looking for new opportunities, so talk to me if you want to work on a cool project together, especially if it is regarding character design, illustration, and concept art.

Feel free to reach out through my email, djwillardson@gmail.com

Check out my resume or connect with me on LinkedIn

I also post work and doodles on instagram if you’d like to see more!